Why Lifeworks

Fee-Based Planning

We use a simple and transparent fee structure for all of our clients. No commissions — no hidden charges or costs to you. Relevant, unbiased, and independent advice from a team that works for you, not for a large financial firm.

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Investment Process

Our investment process starts by developing a strategic wealth plan that identifies the client’s family, financial, and professional goals. From that point, we take a risk-based approach to building out customized asset allocation strategies and investment portfolios for our clients. As a fiduciary for our clients, one of our strategic objectives is to educate clients on not only the appropriate amount of risk that they should take with their investments, but how that capacity for risk impacts their investment returns over time.

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How We Work

We believe that everyone should have a well thought out strategic plan that helps them simplify, focus, and live an intentional life. Our strategic planning process is effective at helping our clients gain clarity and confidence that empowers them in the stewardship of their family and financial wealth.

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Wise Decisions & Measurable Results


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We use a secure technology platform that allows you to manage your financial life in one place. Our system allows you to sync all of your financial accounts and link them to your family wealth plan in real-time. Gone are the days of having to dig up account statements, spend hours pulling information together for building or updating your financial plan, or having to log into multiple websites to see your investment performance.

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