Who We Are

Lifeworks is a multi-generational team that provides wealth management services and strategic advising to successful families, professionals, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Our unique approach begins with your family’s values and vision, helping you to connect your financial assets—your life’s work—with what is most important to you.

Lifeworks Advisors launched in November 2016

But the vision for our firm started in 2008 when Ron and Kurt joined forces to tackle a project for a prospective client. During that project we learned an important lesson: working together as a team allowed us to produce far better results and experiences for our clients. While the business model for most other advisors in our industry was to operate as solo practitioners, we were committed to building a high-performance team that could leverage our unique skills, be more efficient, and allow us to focus on what’s most important to our clients: helping them live the life they believe in.

For the better part of a decade, we ran our practice inside of a large national financial services company.

We left that world behind because we had an unwavering belief that the best way to engage with clients is as an independent fiduciary. We wanted our clients to have a transparent fee-based planning relationship with our team. Our commitment to each client is to have a relationship that is founded on the following key elements:

  • Transparency: Clear and simple-to-understand fee-based planning agreements.
  • Fiduciary relationship: We work for our clients and not for a large firm. We always put the client’s interest ahead of our own.
  • Strategy before products: Each client needs to have a well-documented strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for how they can live the life they want. This needs to be in place before any decisions are made about investments, insurance products, tax strategies, legal documents, etc.

How we work

Our Team

Our team is a diverse multi-generational group that focuses on helping successful entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and families live an intentional life.

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