Our unique approach begins with your family’s values and vision, helping you to connect your financial assets—your life’s work—with what is most important to you.


The vision for our firm started in 2008 when Ron & Kurt joined forces to tackle a project for a prospective client. During that project we learned an important lesson: working together as a team allowed us to produce far better results and experiences for our clients.

While the business model for most other advisors in our industry was to operate as solo practitioners, we were committed to building a high-performance team that could leverage our unique skills, be more efficient, and allow us to focus on what’s most important to our clients: helping them live the life they believe in.


Lifeworks Advisors is launched


Our commitment to each client is to have a relationship that is founded on the following key elements:

  • Transparency: Clear and simple-to-understand fee-based planning agreements.
  • Fiduciary relationship: We work for our clients and not for a large firm. We always put the client’s interest ahead of our own.
  • Strategy before products: Each client needs to have a well-documented strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for how they can live the life they want. This needs to be in place before any decisions are made about investments, insurance products, tax strategies, legal documents, etc.

Lifeworks is a multi-generational team that provides wealth management services and strategic advising to successful families, professionals, businesses, & entrepreneurs.

Ron S. Bullis

Co-Founder & President

Ron co-founded Lifeworks Advisors in 2016 after more than ten years in the financial services industry. He developed and designed the Family Strategic Planning System™ to help individuals and families simplify their financial lives, focus on what matters most, and live an intentional life. Ron spends most of his time working with successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and families helping them build systems and strategies that empower them in the stewardship of their family and financial wealth.

Ron is also the proud father of five beautiful children and founder of the Ella Bullis Foundation, which he started to honor the memory of his daughter Ella.

Kurt A. Van Dyken

Co-Founder & Advisor

Kurt co-founded Lifeworks Advisors in 2016 after more than ten years in the financial services industry. He grew up in a multi-generational family business and understands the unique financial and relationship considerations that come with running a business. He spends most of his time working through the Family Strategic Planning System™ with successful business owners, helping them connect their life’s work to what matters most.

Kurt is married to his wife, Ashley, and is a father to four energetic boys. He spends his free time with family enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, coaching his boys, and being part of a men’s Bible study.

Trevor Herin

Advisor, CFP® ChFC®

Trevor is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®). He co-leads the financial planning process and spends most of his time designing and implementing financial plans for our clients. Trevor is passionate about teaching people how to make wise decisions with their financial resources and empowering them to live the life they want.

Trevor is happily married to his wife, Brittany. When he isn’t in the office, he is playing sports (he was once a world-ranked Croquet player), playing guitar, or spending time with his family. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids and is involved in his church and the organizations they support.

Eric Olivero


Eric spends most of his time working with successful, young professionals and families. He has a missionary’s heart and wants to see clients come alive with a clear vision for how they desire to live, help connect what they’re building with what matters most, and then guide them with the tools and resources to get there.

Prior to starting with Lifeworks in 2018, Eric worked for five years in college ministry. He and his wife Maura enjoy spending time with family, mentoring young adults, and fostering meaningful connections within their community.

Chris Gervat


Chris comes to lifeworks with several years of experience as a financial advisor as well as another five years helping run and manage a startup company where he oversaw product, development, and financials. He loves the process of helping families and businesses get from point A to point B and all the points in between using both qualitative and quantitative measures.

In his free time, he helps run youth sports programs in his hometown of Rockford. Chris is married and is the father to two handsome boys, Brooks 6, and Blake 3

Brad Ward

Director of Investments

Brad joined the team in 2015 with extensive experience in investment analysis and portfolio management for institutional clients. He is steady and consistent by nature and brings a depth of technical proficiency to our investment strategies. As the Director of Investments, he oversees our investment strategies, research, and the management of our clients’ portfolios.

Before working in financial services and starting a family, Brad traveled North America as a professional golfer.

Derek Vermeulen

Director of Hedging

Derek is an experienced financial professional who is adept in creating, developing, and executing short- and long-term strategies to achieve specific investing goals. After several years of successful trading for a large proprietary trading group in Chicago, Derek started his own company. Derek’s company currently operates on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. With 14 years of industry experience and 7 years of trading his own capital, Derek has become highly accomplished in risk management and managing wealth in all types of market conditions. He is passionate about using his experience to help clients accumulate and protect their wealth.

As a graduate of Calvin University, Derek is glad to call Grand Rapids home for himself and his wife and three children.

Brett Smith

Portfolio Manager

Brett is involved in most of our client projects and helps with the management of our investment portfolios. Before joining our team, Brett was an intern for several years at a large national financial services firm. He graduated from Davenport with a degree in finance.

Brett and his wife, Courtney, enjoy traveling, golfing, camping, hiking, and spending time with family. They are very involved with their church and love working with and getting to know the young couples and families there.

Henry Morley

Strategic Partnerships

Henry joined the Lifeworks team in 2019 and brings 30 years of strategic business consulting and small business ownership experience. He develops and manages Lifeworks’ strategic programs and partnerships to facilitate and support the Lifeworks long-term vision, innovation, and growth.

Henry and his wife Mary are proud parents to three adult daughters and sons-in-law. They enjoy the Michigan seasons through many outdoor activities and support many West Michigan non-profit organizations including being on the board of the Ella Bullis Foundation.

Skyler Mills

Business Development

Skyler joined the Lifeworks team in 2020 after spending nearly 6 years in sales and marketing roles in the medical industry. As Director of Business Development, he oversees and executes Lifeworks’ digital client acquisition and marketing strategies to better help clients live intentional lives.

He and his wife, Ashley, live in Holland and enjoy memories with family and time at the lake. They’re heavily involved in their church and love building community with those around them.

Rob Allen

Chief Technology Officer

Rob joined the Lifeworks team in 2019 as Chief Technology Officer and carries significant experience in the software product space, including a stint at Yahoo! headquarters. He develops and manages Lifeworks’ software and technology to build and support the Lifeworks long-term vision, innovation, and growth.

Rob is also a partner at Menklab, a software development startup. He spends his free time with close friends and calls Grand Rapids home.