Financial Planning

A goal without a strategy is just a dream.

Over the years we have asked thousands of prospective clients if they work with a financial advisor.

The answer is most often, “yes.” When asked if they have a well-documented, strategic financial plan, the answer was most often, “no.”

What we learned was that most of our clients had worked with a financial professional but did not have a clear strategy for how to achieve their family and financial goals. That is where we can help.

What Really Is A Financial Plan?

At a minimum, a financial plan is a strategy document that connects today, the here and now, with where you want to be in the future. We view the plan as your family’s roadmap to the future. It should be a personal and relevant document that connects what matters most to you and your family with your financial resources.

  • Have your family and financial goals been reduced to writing?
  • Does your plan have specific action steps, responsibilities, and success metrics?
  • Is your plan regularly referenced by you and your trusted advisors?
  • Do you have a clear, defined, written vision statement?
  • Does it identify challenges or obstacles?
  • Is it based on your family values?

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