Family Strategic Planning

Simplify. Focus. Live an intentional life.

We designed the Family Strategic Planning system to help our clients simplify their financial life, give them clarity and confidence in their financial decisions, and empower them to focus on what really matters most. Our unique approach begins with your family’s values and vision, helping you to connect your financial assets—your life’s work—with what is most important to you. We believe that values are the foundation of who we are, and our guide to making wise decisions.  

Our clients come from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

From the young professional to the head of a multi-generational family business, they all share one thing in common: the desire to live an intentional life. Our clients shun the ideas that being passive, following the crowd, or riding the wave of current trends are the best ways to build, preserve, and perpetuate wealth. They have a unique vision for their future and are looking for a better way to manage their family and financial wealth. We developed an efficient and simple roadmap to help successful individuals and families live an intentional life.

Family Strategic Planning System

Family Strategy

Values, Vision, Family Investment Philosophy, Family Financial Independence, DISC Profiles

Financial Management & Reporting

Personal Financial Statements, Cash Flow Reports, Budgets, Investment Reporting, Tax Planning

Risk Management

Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, Health Insurance, Property & Casualty, Creditor Protection

Financial Planning

College Education Savings, Retirement, Major Purchases, Social Security

Family Savings & Investments

Portfolio Management, Investment Selection, Performance Monitoring & Benchmarking, Asset Allocation

Estate & Legacy Planning

Financial Independence, Family Legacy, Community Legacy & Impact, Estate Tax Planning


Private Family Foundations, Donor-Advised Funds, Charitable Giving Plan

Business Planning

Succession & Exit Planning, Cash Management, Business Continuation Planning, Key Employee Retention & Compensation

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