33% of clients plan to switch wealth management providers.1

The question is, why?

  • Clients are tired of cookie-cutter portfolios and one-size-fits-all investment plans. They are worried about their life savings taking large losses and feel powerless to protect against that.
  • Clients overwhelmingly want advice and planning. Yet, the industry continues to push insurance and financial products instead of providing personalized advice and solutions.
  • Clients want to have an effective strategy (one that is based on real numbers, is durable during times of market volatility, and that actually works) for their retirement that is personal to them and their plans for the future.
  • High fees, commissions, and unclear fee structures. Clients are dissatisfied with the fees they pay and do not trust that they are being charged fairly.1

In this short video, you will learn…

  • How the industry fails to help clients adequately prepare for one of the most important events of their life, specifically retirement.
  • How you can have a durable personalized retirement plan based on reality, actually works, and doesn’t rely on risk tolerance questionnaires or one size fits all asset allocation models.
  • Why using “average historical” returns for your retirement strategy is dangerous, and for many, a fatal mistake.
  • The three most important elements that every financial plan needs to be built on and why you need to know these numbers if you want to have a successful retirement.
  • How you can protect your investments from major market downturns (without buying expensive annuities or having to invest in low-yielding fixed interest assets).
  • How to structure your investments to support your retirement strategy, safely generate the income you need in retirement, and how to maximize your assets.

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Consider the following questions that every person who is close to retirement or in retirement should know the answers to:  

  • Do I have a plan for how to protect my investments from market downturns like March 2020, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/2009, 2001, 1999, etc?
  • Do I know the minimum rate of return I need to earn on my investments in order to safely generate the income I need to retire?
  • Do I have a clear, well-thought-out financial plan for my retirement?
  • Is my investment strategy built to support my personal retirement plan, or is my investment strategy based on a risk tolerance questionnaire or simple asset allocation model?

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Ron Bullis co-founded Lifeworks Advisors in 2016 after more than ten years in the financial services industry. He developed and designed the Family Strategic Planning System™ to help individuals and families simplify their financial lives, focus on what matters most, and live an intentional life. Ron spends most of his time working with successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and families helping them build systems and strategies that empower them in the stewardship of their family and financial wealth.


1 Ernst & Young Global Wealth Management Research Report 2019