Protect your life savings against market downturns:

Lifeworks Protected Portfolio™ System

Consider the following questions every person close to or in retirement should be asking:

  • Do I have a plan for how to protect my investments from market downturns like March 2020, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/2009, 2001, 1999, etc?
  • How can I participate in equity returns while minimizing downside risks?
  • Is my investment strategy built to support my personal retirement plan, or is my investment strategy based on a risk tolerance questionnaire or simple asset allocation model?

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Here’s what you will get:

A personalized written report

that will include how your portfolio would perform in a down market like 2008, how much risk you currently have in your portfolio, and how much income you could safely generate in retirement without running out of assets.

How to protect your life savings from market loss

to enable you to live the life you want with clarity and confidence.

Schedule your FREE strategy session with our team