Estate & Legacy Planning

Our unique approach begins with your family values and vision. We believe that values are the foundation for who we are and how we make decisions.

Our values-based approach to estate and legacy planning helps individuals and families gain clarity around what it is that they want to achieve, along with the confidence that they can protect and perpetuate their assets for those who matter most. Whether you are a newly married couple having your first child, partners in a committed long-term relationship, grandparents enjoying retirement, or a single individual, we all have a responsibility to ensure that our assets are transferred efficiently and effectively when we pass away. Our team can help you document all of your assets (not just financial), identify who and what matters most to you, and develop solutions that help you pass on your wealth and legacy in a very intentional manner.

“Leaving no money but passing values to your heirs is acceptable. They likely will manage their lives well. Leaving money and passing values to your heirs is usually a positive situation. They just may change the world. Leaving money to heirs who have poorly developed values is asking for trouble.”

Scott C. Fithian, Values Based Estate Planning

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