Financial advising is broken.

It's time that changed.

Advisors today face these problems:

  • A disconnected and confusing client experience
  • Poor and clunky technology that slows you down
  • An outdated business model that lacks real value
  • Inability to digitally market and scale your business
Lifeworks is the complete solution for today's advisor.

The Lifeworks Solution:

Connected Client Experience

Clients can interact with you on their time. All the unnecessary tasks of traditional advising are automated to allow you to work with your clients on what you do best.

Seamless Technology

Digital client onboarding and document signing. Send and collect payments. Digital investment account opening. Interactive performance reporting and forecasting. Custom-built CRM. Integrated compliance tools.

It’s all here in one platform.

New Business Model

Subscription based financial planning and asset management. Transparent and fair pricing structures. You’re in full control of how you monetize the value you bring to your clients.

Winning Digital Marketing

Enjoy working with a specific type of client? You’ll be able to target that exact type of client across the nation. They’ll come directly to you. Know specifically what your marketing dollars are bringing you in return.

Scaling your practice has never been easier.

A new way of advising. All for 15 bps.

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