Asset Management

Lifeworks is a wealth management firm whose primary focus is to generate real, positive returns while minimizing downside risk.

Investment Principles

As advisors, we are responsible for considering our client’s short, medium and long-term goals. However, it is our belief that the most successful investment approach requires time – the kind of time that’s measured in years and decades, not days and months.


We work diligently to adhere to our investment philosophy in every decision we make. We are thoughtful, consistent and calculated in our approach to decision-making.


Critical Thinking
As advisors, we must think for ourselves. We rigorously challenge our preexisting ideas and strategies with facts and data. Our decision-making process relies on critical thinking and analysis, not groupthink or fads.


Emotional Control
Humans can be negatively influenced by their emotions. Fear, insecurity and doubt cause rash decision-making and poorly impact investment strategies. As advisors, it’s necessary that we exhibit emotional control. Markets shift – sometimes drastically – but our philosophy and approach remains disciplined and consistent.


Continuous Learning
In order to serve our clients well, we strive to be constant learners. Whether it’s refining our strategy and approach, studying new investment vehicles, analyzing changes in the markets, evaluating new economic conditions or simply deepening our understanding of our clients’ desires and goals, we’re constantly learning.

If you’re reading this…

you’re someone who values financial security over big gambles. Perhaps you’re a retiree, seeking peace of mind for your later years. Or you’re in your prime working years, who wants to secure not just short-term, but generational wealth.

For you, severe stock market volatility, sequence risk, interest rates, and the boom-bust cycle are threats to the wealth you’ve been building over your entire life. What we need, then, is to mitigate the consequences of those threats.

We aim to guide clients toward investing solutions that pay off not just over a five or ten year span, but fifty or a hundred years. We must build a portfolio that stands the test of time, that is, diversification over a century, not a decade.

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